City of Big Bear Lake Good Neighbor Policy

City of Big Bear Lake Good Neighbor Policy

The following policy is required by the City of Big Bear Lake, and has been copied verbatim from city documents.

Do not exceed the occupancy limit

Do not exceed the stated occupancy at any time during your stay. The maximum number of adult occupants may be less than the total maximum occupancy. NO PARTIES ALLOWED.

No parking in street or yard

Parking is only permitted in the driveway, designated parking spaces, and garage. This includes trailers. The maximum number of vehicles permitted is on the exterior sign.

No amplified music 24/7

Amplified music is not permitted to be heard beyond the property line 24/7. Close your windows to avoid music carrying beyond the property line.

Head inside at 10:00 p.m.

Noisy outdoor activities and spa use are prohibited from 10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.

Take your furry friend with you

Take your dog with you so they do not disturb surrounding neighbors. You will find that Big Bear Lake is very dog-friendly!

Take trash to dumpster locations

Trash needs to be taken to a local dumpsite. Clean Bear locations:

41970 Garstin Drive & 39690 Big Bear Blvd.


The minimum fine for violating the rules stated previously is $500 per violation. A second offense is $1000 per violation.


Unruly guests who blatantly disregard the rules and expectations will be evicted without a refund. In addition, costly citations may be issued to the undersigned.