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Big Bear Getaway Property Management Information

Here at Big Bear Getaway, our philosophy is simple: we offer a beautiful house at a reasonable rate, and our guests come back again and again.


  • We have a professionally designed and guest friendly website that is easy to navigate. All of our properties, with in-depth details, are readily available and with a couple of simple clicks allows our guest a seamless booking experience.
  • In addition to our website, we do our best to keep your home rented with an extensive ad budget for Google, other internet portals, radio and print. We also partner with major and even minor OTA (On-line Travel Agency) search engines such as HomeAway/VRBO, Airbnb, RedAwning, Booking.com, Booking Pal (coming soon). We also have a great social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.
  • We have extensive links on other vacation and Big Bear related sites that keep generating more and more happy guests who are truly our best advertising evidenced by numerous returning guests year after year.
  • We send you a check on a monthly processing schedule, the 1st to the end of month and those are mailed out or ACH processed on the 10th of the following month. Included with your monthly payment is a detailed homeowner statement showing all income and expenses incurred.
  • We provide basic supplies at our expense that include, however, not limited to, paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.), trash bags, hand and dish soap, dishwasher pods, bath soap, shampoo/conditioner, light bulbs, batteries, etc. We even supply at no cost to you propane for gas BBQs.
  • We provide all linens (2 sets)…towels, washcloths, sheets, dishtowels, spa towels at only a one-time setup fee of $100.00. We use good quality color coordinated linens and towels to give our guests that “at home” feeling.
  • We take care of all housecleaning and related supplies at no cost to you. We have a staffed in-house laundry plant meaning we do not use your washer/dryer. We pay housekeeping staff above market rates and hold our cleaning crew to very high standards so guests will be assured that the cabin meets their (and your) expectations for cleanliness.
  • At our expense, we assign an opener/closer to your home. He/she will open your home the day guests arrive turning on lights, tuning up the heat, checking TVs are working properly, checking for hot water, flushing toilets (checking for clogs or leaks), checking stove/ovens are in good working order, unlocking and turning up hot tubs, etc., etc. Deficiencies are called in so our maintenance staff can correct any issues/problems before the guest arrive.
  • Upon guest departure, we inspect your home basically reversing the opening procedures; making sure all electronics, equipment and utilities are in property working order and making sure your home is secured and locked. Just as important, we do our very best to make sure there are no guest damages. As in the opening procedures, deficiencies are called in for maintenance repairs and discovered guest damages are noted so we may repair/replace and charge the guest accordingly.
  • On an ongoing basis, we notify you of any maintenance needs and coordinate appointments with craftsmen, as required. While we do have maintenance personnel on call 24/7, we are also happy to work with any company or individual that you may want to utilize.
  • We arrange for spa service, snow removal, yard/weed abatement and other routine services and we never mark those charges up.
  • Virtually all guest reservations are vetted whether they are direct Big Bear Getaway bookings or those from OTAs (i.e. Airbnb, etc.). Upon receiving a reservation, we call the guest to assure they are the person making the reservation and note the credit card used.
  • We query the guest as to number of persons in their party (do they meet occupancy limits), number of vehicles (do they meet parking limitations), if they have pets, etc.
  • We query the guest as to their intended use. Although somewhat innocuous, this is very important as we do not allow certain events at our homes (i.e. commercial film shoots).
  • Although we have online booking; we never process payment until we have called the guest and done a thorough screening process. This is to make sure that we are not renting to young party groups.
  • We require in person check-in with the reserving guest at our office (company policy in addition to city/county requirement). The guest must have photo ID and the credit card used for the reservation (we make photocopies of both). Then and only then do we provide keys to your home. We do not have electronic lock-boxes nor allow guests or any of their party into homes without personal check-in.
  • Except for the Winter Holiday Season, we do not hire ‘seasonal’ employees. Our staff is full time year around, many of whom have been with Big Bear Getaway for 10 years or more. Seasonal help is limited to front office duties (i.e. laundry, storeroom maintenance, check-ins, etc.). We never, ever give keys to your home to someone that is not known to us.
  • We bend over backwards to make our guests happy and make them feel like “family”. We have found that they take better care of your home if they feel like they are personal friends, or family.
  • We bend over backwards to make our guests happy and make them feel like “family”. We have found that they take better care of your home if they feel like they are personal friends, or family.

We are not just a Vacation Home Rental Agency. We are trained, experienced and qualified Property Managers.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email:


Or call one of our friendly staff members at (909) 585-1547 or toll free at (800) 456-1452.