Axe Throwing in Big Bear

When you’re staying in the forest, it’s time to live like a lumberjack! Join in the latest fitness sport and go axe throwing during your Big Bear break. It’s true, axe throwing is a legitimate sport with rules similar to darts; stand behind the line, aim for the middle and count your scores. Sessions get competitive quickly, so come ready to have a roaring good time! Suitable for kids 8 and up, axe throwing is an exciting group activity that fits in with your Big Bear adventure.    

Why is Axe Throwing Popular?

Axe throwing is a fast paced, short game that involves friends, action and that you don’t do every day. Spectators have almost as much fun as the players and trash talking is encouraged. Axes come in three different weights, so the sport is comfortable for most people. It’s primal, screaming can be involved and there’s real skill involved. The included instruction at most axe throwing venues will set you up for success; anyone can do this!  

How Many People Have Been Killed At Axe Throwing?

What? It’s the most common question. And the answer is the one you want: None. No one has died at recreational axe throwing. You don’t need to be a professional lumberjack, have any experience with axe throwing or even be in particularly ‘good’ shape; everyone can master the throw and hit a bullseye!  

Axe Throwing Places in Big Bear

The ruling axe throwing venue in the Big Bear area is Yosemite Axe Throwing. Owner Nate Hodges is a professional thrower and #2 ranked U.S. Stihl Timbersports Athlete. He’s created a unique throwing studio that delivers an exciting experience for friends and family looking for a fun new activity.  

What makes Yosemite Axe Throwing Special?

  • Locally salvaged Ponderosa and cedar slabs are used for targets, lending an authentic and satisfying THUD to your hits. Better than a board for holding your blade, these salvaged trees were victims of drought and bark beetles.  
  • Coaching from one or more of the Yosemite Axe Throwing team sets you up for success and refines your skills; their services are included in your venue fee.  
  • Sessions are set by the hour, allowing for unlimited throwing, and your choice of throwing axe. Newbies and Lumberjacks alike will find satisfaction in hurling a hunk of iron across the room!

“10/10 recommend! Great coaching and great vibes throughout. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a cool, unique experience!” – Jacob Fields | Google

Axe Throwing Experience in Big Bear

Yosemite Axe Throwing is open for drop-in play, party bookings, and league play (of course there’s a league!). No experience necessary — you’re asked to bring closed-toed shoes and an awesome attitude and be ready to nail a bullseye inside of an hour.

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